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Vastu tips for plants at home.


Plants in Indian culture are symbolic of growth and sacredness. Plants are so much intrinsic to Indian spirituality that mantras with tremendous potential or possibilities are termed as Beej Mantra (Seed Mantra). However, in this article we will not discuss about beej mantra. We will be discussing about the vibrations and energy of plants that you can connect with in your home. These plants can be your subtle energy sensation and can lead you to the abundance of nature. Gardening in itself is a sacred practice which is must for healers, meditators, people dealing with spirituality and in general mankind dealing with life. In this article let’s understand how to benefit from the energy from these green friends by placing the right plant at a right place. The points below describe the best plants for home as per Vastu.

  1. Tulsi: It is considered a very sacred plant and is the most common plant in Indian household for its medicinal and spiritual benefits. The best direction for this plant is North-East. Growing it here leads your thought to a greater purpose and keeps the energy positive at home. Person facing difficulties in marriage should plant a pot of Tulsi along with a pot of Mehandi in the South-East corner of home. Growing Tulsi in North direction attracts wealth whereas if grown in the east direction it attracts fame. People facing legal and loan problems should grow it in North-West direction. One should avoid growing Tulsi in South, South-west and West direction.
  2. Growing White Madar and Dhatura in North-west or South-East keeps away the evil-eye and enemy from your home.
  3. Growing Shami or Jamun tree in the west direction attracts wealth. According to Vastu it is considered to reduce the negative effects of Saturn.
  4. Bel-Patra: According to scriptures person who grows Bel-patra in his life becomes the owner of Akhand Lakshmi (never-ending wealth). Bel-patra is dearest to Shiva. Growing this plant in North-West can reduce the negative effects of Moon in your horoscope. However, the ideal location to grow this plant is North-East. It can also be grown in East, West, North and South-East direction.
  5. East and South directions are very crucial for your social status and fame. Growing Sunflower in the East and Red roses in the south can improve your social status and increase your fame.
  6. Money plant and lucky bamboo as the name suggests are money and luck attracting plant respectively. Growing them in water in North direction can work wonders for you. Moeyplant can also be grown in South-East direction to boost up the energy of Venus (Shukra) in your horoscope.
  7. North-west and North North East Zones are ideal for growing medicinal plants.
  8. Growing herbs in the North direction can boost up the mercury (Budh) in your horoscope.
  9. Avoid growing tall trees in North and East direction. West and South are ideal directions for growing tall trees. However North, North-East and East are most ideal directions for growing coconut tree which turns out to be an exception.
  10. Avoid cactus and latex secreting plants except Madar and Rubber tree.
  11. White and Blue Aparajita are best for receiving the blessings of Devis. These should be grown in North, North-East or East direction. Alternatively these plants can be grown into a gateway for the garden. A gateway made out of these climbers creates a welcoming aura for positive energies.
  12. Citrus fruits should be grown in the East direction. They attract abundance and joy in home.
  13. Intensely Fragrant plants like Ratrani, Mogra, Parijat and Marua should be grown in the North-west and South-east direction. It will keep away the enemies and will attract support from government or your boss and will improve your personal relationships.
  14. Growing a Banana plant in the North-East will boost up the energy of Jupiter in your horoscope.
  15. Growing black-turmeric in North, North-East, East or North-West attracts wealth and abundance.
  16. Ashoka as the name suggests is a tree that attracts happiness and Joy. The ideal location to grow it is West North West zone.
  17. It is true that plants with thorns should not be planted in home but this is half truth. Plants that have some medicinal purpose, gives flower or fruits can be grown even with thorns for example Aloevera and Rose.
  18. North direction is an ideal direction for growing Brahmakamal.
  19. Passion flower or passion fruit can be ideally grown in the East or South-East direction.
  20. Snake plant is an ideal indoor-plant. If grown beside your bed it will stop bad dreams.
  21. Don’t place indoor plants in your bedroom that grow in water.
  22. Growing Amla in North direction is very effective for attracting wealth. Amla is very dear to Vishnu and is thus dear to Lakshmi as well. It can be grown in North-East and East direction too.
  23. Growing lucky bamboo in water in the North direction attracts abundance and career growth. Plants like Jade and Crassula serve the same purpose.
  24. Gular, Peepal and Banyan trees can be grown in a pot but should not be kept inside the home. It is suggested to keep them in the window or balcony of west direction. After these plants start growing into greater heights they should be donated to temples and should be then transplanted near temple. It is a misconcept that these trees attract negativity but instead they are tremendous source of positive energy. These trees are believed to be the abodes of Gods and Goddesses. Serving these trees for a year in your home and then donating them to temples is equally relatable to serving God in your home.

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