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Put a Morpankh here and attract positive energy around you


Morpankh or peacock feather is considered very auspicious in Indian culture and is believed to be very dear to Lord Krishna and Goddess Saraswati. Colorful and vibrant appearance of Morpankh creates a positive aura. One can get benefitted by this vibrance by using or keeping Morpankh appropriately. Let’s discuss this elaborately as per Astrology and Vastu.

  1. Temple
    Keeping a Morpankh broom or a bunch of morpankh in temple keeps the temple vibrant and clean. Apart from offering it to the Gods and Goddesses in their crown or dress one can use Morpankh for cleaning the temple. Many people and sadhak use this bunch of Morpank for driving off evil eye or negative energy from people.
  2. Education
    To have a positive impact on your academics put a morpankh in your books. Morpankh can also be decorated on the study table which gives positivity and enhances focus during study.
  3. Wealth
    To attract abundance and wealth offer a Morpankh to Lord Krishna and then keep it in your money locker or wallet. Atra or Non-alcoholic organic perfume can be applied on Morpankh and then keeping it in the locker enhances your wealth and fame.
  4. Social connectivity
    Decorating the East wall of your home with a customized wall hanger of Morpankh will improve your social connectivity which will ultimately bring you fame and power.
  5. Rahu and Ketu
    Rahu and Ketu are personified as serpents. Peacock is a natural enemy of snakes and thus it is believed that people who are suffering from a bad Rahu or Ketu should keep Morpankh around them. It can be kept hidden in mobile cover, wallet or any other way that suits to the person.
  6. Entrance
    Decorating the entrance of your home (specifically North-East entrance) with Morpankh keeps the negative energies and enemies out of the home.
    There is a way of making your Home entrance resonate with mystical vibrations and make it appealing for Devi-Devtas. To do so collect some soil from the place where peacocks dance. Keep that soil in temple for some time and then tie that soil in a yellow cloth. Hang that cloth outside your entrance. This is a very powerful practice and is believed to attract Goddess Lakshmi.
  7. Health
    Keep Morpankh under your pillow for seven days. Start this from any Monday or Wednesday. Later on discard it in the flowing water. It will take away any negative energy. Alternatively keep Morpankh in your medicine box or North-North-East Zone of your home to see positive effects on your health. An expecting mother should keep Morpankh around her to ward off any evil eye and to keep the aura around her positive.
  8. Legal or court case
    Peacock is considered to be the vehicle of Lord Kartikeya who is the commander of the army of Devtas. If you are righteous but still suffering with legal problems, keeping a Morpankh in your court case files will give you courage and will increase your chances of winning the case.

Disclaimer: Never use a Morpankh that is acquired by hunting a peacock. Use naturally acquired Morpankh for all the above purposes.


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