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How can cow be a solution to Vastu defects of your home and office?

How can cow be a solution to Vastu defects of your home and office?

Indian culture respects and acknowledges all life forms for their relation with the divine. Amongst all the animals Cow holds a pedestal place for its nurturing role as well as its involvement in the religious rituals. People calling her Gaumata (literally translating as Mother cow) is a symbolic representation of reverence for cow in Indian tradition.  Consumption of products derived from cow’s milk, cow’s urine and cowdung is considered beneficial in various aspects. They have spiritual and health benefits. Let’s discuss some tips to get resolution to some vastu defects at home by using these products or by placing picture or statue of a cow.

  1. Burning lamp filled with Cow’s ghee in your daily worship creates a positive aura and is considered an auspicious offering to the Gods.
  2. Performing havan by using cowdung is considered beneficial to energize your home. Vedic Vastu believes that havan should be performed in a home atleast once a year and Vastu shanti mantras should be chanted in the havan.
  3. Burning loban, guggal, cowdung and cow’s ghee and then disseminating its smoke in entire home is considered an energy cleansing practice.
  4. We often see an image of a cow with various Gods and Goddesses projected on its body parts. North-East direction is the best place to keep such picture or statue.
  5. In many traditional Indian communities daughters were gifted cows after marriage. In today’s era to keep that culture alive many families gift a silver or Gold cow to their daughters when they leave their father’s home. This is considered as a blessing of health and happiness.
  6. Bathing with a teaspoon of Gaumutra, a pinch of camphor and some drops of Eucalyptus oil can help to reduce skin inflammation and infections. It is believed to cleanse your aura. Also you can use organic panchgavya soap for the same.
  7. It is never advisable to keep a picture or statue of cow in your bedroom.
  8. Picture of a healthy cow with a red background or with greenery where the cow is facing North can be put on the East wall to alleviate your social connectivity.
  9. A picture or statue of cow feeding her calf can be kept in the South-East, North, North-East and East direction to attract abundance in your home.
  10. North, North-East and East directions are best for keeping cows in your farm.
  11. Letting cows graze on your land before starting any construction is considered a good omen. Land gets purified with the gaumutra and any construction on that land will attract abundance.
  12. We usually see a bell in home temples with garud projected on its handle. It is very auspicious. Alternatively a bell with a nandi projected on its handle is also considered very auspicious.
  13. South-West corner is the best place for the sitting arrangement of an owner of the office. Putting a sitting Nandi on your office table in such a way that it faces North-East gives you stability and command over your working space.
  14. Adding a teaspoon of Gaumutra in the soil of your potted plants in every 15 days can serve two purposes. First, it will fertilize the soil and keep your plants healthy. Second, it’ll increase the positivity in the surrounding.
  15. While leaving home or office for doing something important having some panchamrit is considered as a luck enhancing practice. Panchamrit is prepared by mixing cow milk, curd, honey, ghee and tulsi leaves. Serving or feeding Cow can have a positive impact on your horoscope as well. To know more click here.

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