Uvasaggaharam Stotra


Uvasaggaharam stotra is widely recited and chanted in Jain community. It is a stotra written in praise of 23rd Tirthankar of Jainism- Parshwanath Bhagwan. It was written around 2100 years ago by Acharya Bhadrabahuswami. As the name of the stotra suggests this stotra is believed to remove obstacles from life. It has a healing energy in it and many sadhaks are known to heal people with this stotra. Interestingly in Jain literature it is also the oldest stotra written in Prakrit language apart from the navkar mantra and stotras in samayik sutra.

The background story of the origin of this stotra is suggested as a remedy to a great danger from a vyantar dev. Another Jain monk Varahmihr who is believed to be the brother of Bhadrabahuswami according to some scriptures was jealous and envied Bhadrabahuswami because he was appointed as an acharya. Varahmihr was so engulfed in jealousy that he lost his faith on dharma and after his death he became a vyantar dev. He started causing trouble to people who were following Jainism. Jains then went to Acharya Bhadrabahu swami seeking a solution to this problem.

Acharya Bhadrabahu sympathized with them and wrote a stotra in adoration of Parshwanath Bhagwan. This stotra was imbibed with so many beej mantras that after reciting it demigods had to come to help the devotee. Later on realizing the immense potential of this stotra one gatha from it was disbanded to prevent its misuse in occult science. This stotra sadhna if done with proper guidance of a guru and with immense faith can lead you to tremendous spiritual growth. Let’s understand the meaning of this historically mystical stotra.

उवसग्गहरं पासं, पासं वंदामि कम्म-घण मुक्कं ।

विसहर विस निन्नासं, मंगल कल्लाण आवासं ।।1।।


Uvasaggaharam Päsam, Päsam Vandämi Kamma-ghan-mukkam;

Visahar-vis-ninnäsam, Mangal Kallän Äväsam (1)

Translation: I bow down to the remover of obstacles Parshwanath Bhagwan who is free from Karmas. He is the destroyer of poison and abode of all altruistic emotions.

विसहर फुलिंग मंतं, कंठे धारेइ जो सया मणुओ ।

तस्स गह रोग मारी, दुट्ठ जरा जंति उवसामं ।।2।।


Visahar-fuling Manatam, Kanthe Dharei Jo Sayä Manuo;

Tassa Gah Rog Märi, Duttha-Jarä Janti Uvasämam. (2)

Translation: Humans who chant the mantra Visahar Phulling are freed from all the sorrows of this mortal life like fever, planetary fault and all the tensions.

चिट्ठउ दुरे मंतो, तुज्झ पणामो वि बहु फलो होइ ।

नरतिरिएसु वि जीवा, पावंति न दुक्ख-दोहग्गं।।3।।


Chitthau Dure Manto, Tujza Panamo Vi Bahu-falo Hoi;

Naratiriesu Vi Jivä, Pävanti Na Dukkha-Dohaggam (3)

Translation: Not by chanting your mantra but also just by bowing down to you, humans and animals are never impoverished or receive any sorrow in their life.

तुह सम्मत्ते लद्धे, चिंतामणि कप्पपाय वब्भहिए ।

पावंति अविग्घेणं, जीवा अयरामरं ठाणं ।।4।।


Tuha Sammatte Laddhe, Chintämani Kappa-Päyavabbhahie;

Pävanti Avigghenam, Jivä Ayaramaram Thänam. (4)

Translation:  By attaining the right vision (Samyak Darshan) which is more valuable than Chintamani and Kalpvriksh, a soul gets liberated without any obstacle and becomes immortal.

इअ संथुओ महायस, भत्तिब्भर निब्भरेण हिअएण ।

ता देव दिज्ज बोहिं, भवे भवे पास जिणचंद ।।5।।


Ea Santhuo Mahäyas, Bhatti-bbhar-nibbharen Hiyaenam;

Tä Dev Dijza Bohim, Bhave Bhave Päs Jinachanda (5)

Translation: Oh great Lord! I bow down to you with all the hearty devotion and ask your association in every life time so that I receive the path of enlightenment (Bodhi).


Follow brahmacharya during sadhna and chant the stotra three times facing North or East. After chanting the stotra chant the beej mantra of the stotra 108 times. The mantra is as follows:

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं अर्हं नामिऊण पास विसहर वसह जिण फुल्लिंग ह्रीं श्रीं नमः।

Om hrim shrim arham namiun pas visahar vasah jin phulling hrim shrim namah.

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