Offer this on Shivlinga and feel the change in your life.


Lord Shiva is known as Bholenath as he is very caring for his devotees and gets pleased by their devotion only. He gets pleased with just jal abhishek and doesnot care for expensive offerings. However we find some belief system in regards with Shiv Abhishek and it is believed that every offering on Shivling impacts your life in one or the other way. On this auspicious occassion of Mahashivratri we have made a list of offerings on shivling which is believed to give different results in life.

1. Water
Offering water on shivling balances the water element in your body and keeps you disease free.

2. Milk
Offering Milk on Shivling is believed to improve your moon and Venus in the horoscope. It improves your health as well.

3. Dahi
Offering Dahi or Curd on shivling is believed to bring the fortune of having child.

4. Ghee
Offering Ghee on Shivling is believed to increase your strength and takes away any problem in your life.

5. Honey
Offering Honey on Shivling brings sweetness in your family relationship.

6. Milk and Mishri
Combination of Milk and Mishri in your offering is believed to gift you with intelligence as well as the fortune of having a child.

7. Bhasm
Bhasm or Ash if offered on shivling is believed to take away negativity and your bad qualities.

8. Honey and ghee
Offering Honey and Ghee is believed to bring more wealth and savings in your life.

9. Holy water
Water of a holy river or any tirtha being offered to Shivlinga brings the opportunity of Moksha (Salvation) in your life.

10. Mustard Oil
Mustard or Sarso oil being offered to shivling is believed to destroy your enemies.

11. Sugarcane Juice
Offering Sugarcane Juice on shivling makes you worthy of blessings of Goddess Lakshmi.

12. Black sesame seeds
Black til or sesame makes you worthy of Lord Shiva’s blessings.

13. Bhang and Dhatura
Offering Bhang and Dhatura on Shivling brings stable wealth in your life and helps you to overcome your bad habits and qualities.

14. Itra
Offering itra on Shivlinga is believed to bring fame in your life.

15. Belpatra
Offering Belpatra on Shivling frees you from the sins of 3 lives.

16. Sandalwood
Offering Sandalwood paste on Shivling balances your chakras and enhances abundance in your life.

Now that we have discussed on the effects of offering various things on Shivlinga, let’s discuss about the things which should never be offered on Shivlinga.

1. Tulsi
Tulsi is used only in Haripooja and as Tulsi cursed Lord Shiva it should never be used in Shiv pooja or abhishek.

2. Jal abhishek with Shankh
One should never offer water in a conchshell on Shivling because Lord Shiva had killed demon living in the conch shell named as Shankhchund. Hence it is forbidden to offer water with conch shell in shiv abhishek.

3. Ketki
Ketki once favoured Lord Brahma with a lie. Angry Shiva after beheading one of the heads of Brahma cursed Ketki by forbidding it to be used in Lord Shiva’s worship.

4. Haldi and Kumkum
Haldi and Kumkum are used in the worship of Shakti and are supportive of nourishment. Shiva being the God of destruction and salvation is kept away from these symbols.

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