Saraswati Sadhna- A Key to spiritual wisdom


Saraswati sadhna has been a path towards divinity and self-realization in Indian spirituality. If done under a proper guidance of the Guru it can lead you to tremendous spiritual growth. Sadhaks are seen to develop great concentration, intuition and increased memory after doing this sadhna. This sadhna is considered so essential that every religion or Philosophy that sprung out of the Indian roots suggests doing this sadhna. They have developed their own ways of excelling in the Saraswati Sadhna in order to become eligible of the Goddess’ blessings. With the base of Vedic and Jain spirituality we will be discussing this sadhna elaborately.

Saraswati Swarupa

The energy of Saraswati is depicted in various forms in the vedic, Jain, Yogic, Tantric and Buddhist traditions. The most common form is of white serene Goddess holding Veena, rosary and a book. She is seen seated on Lotus and rides on Swan or peacock. In Tantric traditions she is also depicted as Neel-Saraswati which means blue Saraswati. Matangi and Tara in Das Mahavidya and Brahmacharini in Navdurga are most relatable manifestations of Adi-Shakti that seems similar to Saraswati. Shyamala Dandakam written by Kalidas worships all the forms of Saraswati. In Jainism Saraswati is depicted as Guardian of Scriptures and is termed as Shrut devi. She is considered the leading Goddess of 16 Vidya Devi and Guardian of Suri mantra as well. However, amongst all her forms worshipping three forms of Saraswati is considered a key to spiritual growth. These are- Mayurasani (sitting on peacock), Hansvahini (Riding on swan) and padmasani (sitted in Lotus posture). Hansvahini and padmasani form of Goddess can lead to spiritual growth whereas Mayurasani form can give you material benefits in life.

Mantra Sadhna

Saraswati Mantra

Listed below are some Saraswati mantras which are being shared for your knowledge. A sadhak should focus chanting any one of the below mantra. Upto 1.25 lakhs jaap can lead you to mantra siddhi. For devi darshan and more benefits of sadhna one should aim the count of more than 10 lakh Jaap.

  1. Om Aim Namah
  2. Om Hrim Klim Aim Namah
  3. Om Haskalrim Aim Namah
  4. Om Aim Saraswatyai Namah
  5. Om Hrim Shrim Saraswatyai Namah
  6. Om Hrim Shrim Saraswati Mahadevyai Namah
  7. Om Aim Hrim Shrim Klim Namah
  8. Om Namo Arihantanam Vad Vad Vagvadini swaha
    Jain Sadhna

    1. Chanting atleast 120 malas (one mala= 108 beads) of gyan mantra before starting the Saraswati sadhna or chanting a specific count of Gyan mantra daily before Saraswati Sadhna helps in shedding away Gyanavarniya Karma which is very crucial for excelling in Saraswati Sadhna. This acts as a strong base for this monumental sadhna.

    Gyan Mantra: ॐ ह्रीं णमो नाणस्स (Om Hrim Namo Nanas)
    The Mantra for gyan in itself is so much potent that it can make you eligible of Saraswati siddhi.

    2.Take the Guru agya and do this sadhna under the guidance of a guru. Perform Guru Vandana in the North-East direction then chant the Saraswati Mantra facing North or East sitting on an asana in clean clothes.

Vedic Sadhna

1. Chanting Guru mantra as directed by the Guru and performing Ganesh Pujan helps in excelling in the Saraswati Sadhna. Ganesh Pujan aims in activating the Muladhar Chakra which is very crucial for the ascending of Kundalini Shakti during Mantra Jaap.

2.Rest all the steps are similar to the Jain rituals.


Including meditation in your daily jaap is the best way to connect with the energy of the Goddess. One can do the meditation by performing tratak on a saraswati Yantra. In another method one can meditate even while chanting mantra. In this process one should chant malas in the multiple of 9. In 1st to 7th mala sadhak should focus on his 7 chakra respectively starting from Muladhar to Sahasrar chakra. In the 8th mala sadhak should visualize saraswati mata on his/her third eye and should offer his/ her jaap to the goddess. In the 9th mala sadhak should focus on the heart chakra and should aim to connect with the inner self (soul) and should establish the oneness with the mantra or the Goddess.

Garbha Sanskar

Saraswati sadhna can be a life changing experience if you are expecting a child. Saraswati mantra can enable you to develop the intellect of the child at a very young age. This is a very special and secret process which should be done by a Guru or an experienced sadhak. In this process, in the fifth month of the pregnancy when the brain of the child gets considerably developed, a guru grants saraswati mantra to the pregnant mother which is to be chanted in the rest of the time of her pregnancy. When the child is born and reaches the age of 5 months Guru writes the Aim beej mantra on  his tongue with Kesar or Chandan using morpankh or Gold nib. This is believed to improve the speech of the child and it enables that child to be a good orator in future. When that child becomes 5 years old, Guru whispers the saraswati mantra in his ears and directs him/her to chant it regularly. In this way Saraswati sadhna can be aligned with the overall development of a child and can lead to a tremendous growth in all the aspects of that child’s life.


Doing Tribandh after the Jaap and doing brahmri pranayam before jaap will activate your neurons as well as aura to such an extent that your success in this sadhna gets naturally guaranteed.

Herbs and diet in the sadhna

  1. A saraswati sadhak should avoid milk and dairy products after sunset in order to keep your brain active which is very crucial for the sadhna.
  2. Consuming herbs like Brahmi, Jyotishmati, shankhpushpi and Apamarg with proper consultation can have positive effects on your sadhna.
  3. Occasionally brushing with Apamarg stick opens up your vishuddhi chakra which helps in the sadhna.
  4. On some special tithis sadhak should energize rice with his mantra jaap and make kheer with that rice. Eating that Kheer infuses the mantric energy in your physical body.

    Fast of Panchmi

    Observing fast on Shukla Panchmi is considered auspicious for doing gyan sadhna. This tapa starts on the panchmi after Diwali which is also known as Gyan panchmi or Labh panchami. Beginning from gyan panchami a sadhak observes fast on every shukla panchmi for five years and five months which usually ends on Vasant Panchmi. This is an auspicious fast to shed away your sins and helps in pleasing the Goddess Saraswati.

Notes and Precautions

1. Sadhak should observe celibacy during sadhna. (For married sadhaks loyalty towards your partner to an extent serves the same purpose as celibacy)

2. With increase in the Jaap count an energy receptive sadhak may feel the energy of Goddess in the Vishuddhi Chakra which is normal but at this stage a sadhak should abstain from telling lies and should not use abusive language.

3. Saraswati sadhna can easily lead you to vachansiddhi. Thus a sadhak should always be careful of whatever he or she speaks.

4. Sadhaks should keep more white things around them. Keeping a Morpankh is also considered auspicious.

5. One should never disrespect a Guru or knowledge giver. Doing so takes away your Saraswati siddhi.

6. One should never ridicule a mentally challenged person or a person who stammers while speaking. This can have negative effects on your sadhna.

7. A person can never excel in Saraswati sadhna or any other sadhna if he or she is proud of their knowledge, ability or achievements in life.

8. Sadhaks should consider themselves as children of the Goddess. Establishing a mother-child relation with the Goddess makes your emotions pious which is crucial for the sadhna.

9. It is observed that in different phases of their sadhna, sadhak develop interest in music, dance, art, ayurveda and different fields of knowledge. Rather than being confused by this it should be accepted wholeheartedly and sadhak should gain as much knowledge as he or she can. Accept them as a phase in the sadhna and gain clarity with the purpose of your future endeavours.

10. A Saraswati sadhak as well as a layman should never disrespect books or any stationery in order to gain knowledge in its credible form. One should not study while sleeping or eating. To be a Saraswati Sadhak one should be ready to accept their mistakes and learn new things as-

Only a good student can be a good Saraswati Sadhak.

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