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Manibhadra Veer is considered to be one of the most powerful Veers of Jainism. Many devotees worship him with utmost devotion and have had life changing experiences in their spiritual journey. He is considered to be a guardian deity of Jainism and was a Jain Shravak in his previous birth. He was a businessman named Manek Shah in his past life. Being inspired by the sermons of his guru he started a journey towards Shatrunjay and during this journey dacoits looted him and killed him in the forests of Magarwada. His body was dissected into three parts and in spite of this immense pain he was having an ardent desire to do Shatrunjay Darshan and yatra. This utmost devotion which continued till his last breath gave him a status of Indra of Vyantar Devtas.

It is also believed that after he became a Demi God, he helped his Guru who was being troubled by Ashthha Bhairavas (8 Bhairavas). Manibhadra ended this trouble by fighting these ashthh bhairavas and giving them guidance towards a right conduct. In his reverence the jainacharya established the first pind of Manibhadra Veer at Magarwada and consecutively other temples were constructed at Aglod and Ujjain as a symbolic representation of the body of his past life. In this blog we are going to talk about various information related with Manibhadra Veer that will help various sadhaks. Join us to inculcate spirituality in your life.

Manibhadra Veer Swarup

Manibhadra Veer’s idol are seen majorly in three forms. The first form is known as Pind Swarup where a simple stone is foiled with silver and vermillion and is consecrated as Manibhadra Veer. In many cases coconuts have also been found to be consecrated in such form. The second form is having a gaumukh (cow’s face) devta sitting on airavat. In his hands we get to see damru, trishul, dhwaja, bowl, japmala, sword, etc. His intrinsic form is of a Chaturbhuj dev i.e. a devta with 4 hands, but we also get to see him in forms till 16 hands signifying his vaikriya labdhi. In the third form the gaumukh is replaced by a human face and relates with his appearance in past life.

Manibhadra Veer Darshan

To be able to get darshan of Manibhadra Veer one needs to go through intense penance. However, many sadhaks and acharyas have accounted that his darshan is easy if one follows the rules of Jainism strictly. Many acharyas have done his sadhna with three days fast (attham tap) to gain his darshan. If not direct darshan many sadhaks achieve the capacity of getting his darshan indirectly with their devotion. In such cases many sadhak communicate with the veer through their third eye or get indications in their dreams. Manidhadra Veer also makes us realise his presence through the flame of diya and that of a havan. Manibhadra Veer’s sadhna makes you receptive towards other worldly entities, bhairavas and yoginis.

Manibhadra Veer Tirth Darshan

  1. There are many tirths of Manibhadra Veer. The major three are- Magarwada, Aaglod and Ujjain. Many devotees go to these Shaktipeeths of Manibhadra Veer in a span of 24 hours and have a faith that by doing so they would get blessed by the dev.
  2. There is a very beautiful temple of Manibhadra Veer near Taleti of Shatrunjay as well, where the court of Manibhadra Veer is graced with the presence of Nakoda Bhairav and Ghantakarn Mahaveer.
  3. Historically, Manibhadra veer is also associated as the guardian deity of Tapagachha and was a siddh dev for many yatis of Tapagachha. Even today many gaddis of these yatis are thought to be presided by Manibhadra Dev. There are many such gaddis in Surat, Patan and Ahmedabad. Devotees go to such Consecrated places specially on Thursdays and Sundays.

Rander Tirth Manibhadra Veer

Offerings to Manibhadra Veer

An appropriate offering to Manibhadra Veer can be a supportive element to your sadhna. One can offer sukhdi, Shrifal, Shrifal toran, Marwa, Red Kaner flowers, Yellow Kaner Flowers, Red rose, dhoop and Ghee diya to Manibhadra Veer. These offerings are considered to be the best offerings in this sadhna. Many sadhaks do Monthly havanas on panchmi, ashthami or Poonam to make their sadhna more effective. Gurupushya yog is also considered to be an auspicious time to conduct such havans.

Manibhadra Veer Sadhana

Mānibhadra Veer Stuti (English)

Dhārelu sahu kām siddh karvā,
Chho dèv sāchā tamè,

Ne vighnō saghalā vinash karvā,
Chho shaktishāli tamè;

Sèvè jè charano kharā harday thi,
Tènè upādhi nathi,

Àvā shree mānibhadra dèv tamnè,
Vandu ghanā bhāv thi.

Dèvā sukh samast jan nè,
Jè chhè sadā jāgtā,

Sèvā nā karnār nā palak mā,
Kashto badhā kāptā;

Siddhi sarva malè anè bhay talè,
Āpè sadā sanmati,

Ávā shree Mānibhadra dèv namtā
Ånand thāyè ati.

Mānibhadra Veer Stuti (Hindi)

धारेलुं सहु काम सिद्ध करवा, छो देव साचा तमे,
ने विघ्नो सघळां विनाश करवा, छो शक्तिशाली तमे;

सेवे जे चरणो खरा हदय थी, तेने उपाधि नथी,
ऐवा श्री माणिभद्र देव तमने, वंदुं घणा भावथी. १

देवा सुख समस्त जनने, जे छे सदा जागता,
सेवाना करनार ना पलक मां कष्टो बधा कापता;

सिद्धि सर्व मळे अने भय टळे, आपे सदा सन्मति,
एवा श्री माणिभद्र देव नमतां आनंद थाय अति. २

Manibhadra Veer Mantras

  1. Om asiausa shree manibhadra dishtu mam sada sarva karyeshu siddhim
    ॐ असिआउसा श्री मणिभद्र दिशतु मम सदा सर्व कारयेशु सिद्धिम।2. Om Hrim Shrim Klim Manibhadray Namah
    ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं कलीं मणिभद्राय नमः।
  2. Om Hrim Klim Manibhadray Namah
    ॐ ह्रीं कलीं मणिभद्राय
    Note: Manibhadra Veer was a Navkar sadhak in his past life. Therefore, many of his mantras have an inclusion of navkar in different ways. He is found to help navkar and uvvasagaharam sadhaks.
  3. We have made a beautiful stuti of Manibhadra Veer with his 27 names in it. It’s a powerful stuti which can lead you to immense positivity. Playing this stuti at your home everyday will inculcate positive vibrations in your home.

Occult Practices, remedies and rituals

There are various tantra kriyas and routine practices associated with Manibhadra Veer for various purposes. Their practice should be done under the supervision of a guru. Here in this blog, we are mentioning some of them.

  1. Take a Red Kaner or Red rose flower in your right hand. Then chant the first mantra of manibhadra veer 3 times and then blow on the flower. Keep that flower in your pocket. Doing so everyday before leaving for work will bring good luck and fame in your life. Carrying that flower in a job interview can also bring in a very positive result. Consider that flower to be the blessing of Manibhadra Veer and preferably put it close to your heart.
  2. There is a practice where you brush your teeth and burn guggal and loban while brushing your teeth with an auspicious material. A specific Veer mantra is chanted in mind while doing so. This practice should be done under the guidance of guru and with strict rules and regulations. Thus only an indication is being given here. This practice if done daily after 1.5lacs jaap can make dev darshan easy for you and will also make your body suitable for intense sadhna and an appropriate place for devtas to reside.
  3. To bring abundance in your home do monthly havans of Manibhadra veer on an auspicious tithi.
  4. Chant the mantra given below for 108 times for a week in Brahmamuhurat to attract fame. Then chant this mantra daily for 108 times to attract wealth and abundance.

Om Hrim Shrim Klim Namo Manibhadray Mam Vanchhitam Puray Puray Sarva Vashyam Kuru Kuru Swaha.

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं कलीं नमो मणिभद्राय मम वांछितम पुरय पुरय सर्व वश्यम कुरु कुरु स्वाहा।

  1. Offering a toran of coconut to Manibhadra Veer is considered to be auspicious and pleases him to grant your wish.
  2. Doing Ekasan with only yellow food on Thursday with reverence for Manibhadra Veer will bring positivity in life. One should at least fast for consecutive 9 Thursdays to have this life changing experience. During this period go to derasar and have darshan of Manibhadra Veer on every Thursday (if possible everyday).

Tips and Precautions for sadhna:

  1. Do the sadhna with the proper guidance from a guru.
  2. Bow down to your guru before starting any sadhna.
  3. Chant navkar before starting jaap of Manibhadra Veer.
  4. Donate ghee for the arti of Manibhadra Veer in a Derasar.
  5. Observe Celibacy during your sadhna period.
  6. Ladies and devi sadhak should not do Manibhadra Veer Sadhna. There are some rules and regulations that needs to be followed for Veer Sadhana by such sadhaks which should be known by a guru.
  7. Offer Coconut, Rose, Kaner, marwa and Sukhdi to dev.
  8. Burning an akhand diya of cow’s ghee during your sadhana period or burning a diya during your jaap will give you a fast progress in your sadhana.
  9. Complete atleast 1.25 lacs of jaap of the mantra.
  10. Face towards north or East direction during your jaap.
  11. Visit a derasar every Thursday and do your jaap in front of a consecrated idol of Manibhadra Veer for speedy progress in your sadhna.
  12. Some mantras of Manibhadra Veer are very intense and attracts other worldly entities like bhairavs, yoginis and vyantar devi devtas. One should not do such mantras without guidance from a guru as it can be detrimental.

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