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Ghantakarn Mahavir Description and story


Ghantakarn Mahavir is one amongst the 52 Mahavir in Jainism. He is the guardian and protecting deity and serves the devotees of tirthankars. It is believed that a person who dies in an effort of protecting women, cow or motherland attains the life of a devta and in the life of Devta they are revered as Veer. According to some stories it is believed that Ghantakarn Mahavir was known as Raja Arya in his previous human life. In his kingdom Dacoits were always harassing women and thus Raja Arya chose to guard his kingdom as well as the honour of the women by showing immense courage. He would stand on the fort of his kingdom with a bow and arrows and would attack any dacoit that intended to harass women or intended to even enter his kingdom. He died as a true warrior and attained Dev gati and became one of the Veers. His temples are specifically known to be revived and consecrated by Acharya Buddhisagar Suriji in an effort to connect more people with Jainism. Acharya Buddhisagar Suriji did severe penance of chauvihar Atham (Three days without food and water) and got the darshan of Ghantakarn Mahavir on Kali Chaudas. He took a vow from the Veer that he would protect any follower of Jainism whenever he is called upon by a specific stotra.

Devotees have experienced his miraculous presence in the Mahudi Shaktipeeth that was consecrated by Acharya Buddhisagar Suriji. His statue has been consecrated there as the guardian deity of Tirthankar Padmaprabhu’s Derasar. Padmaprabhu is worshipped by Sun and thus he is believed to be the governing tirthankara of Sun’s energy. Ghantakarn Mahavir has a glowing body like that of a Sun and thus it is believed that he was therefore made the guardian deity of Padmaprabhu’s Derasar in Mahudi Shaktipeeth. Other stories and opinions suggest that in his previous life he was contemporary to Tirthankar Padmaprabhu thus his idol was consecrated as the guardian deity of this Tirthankar. He is believed to help sadhaks of Uvvasagaharam stotra and Navkar mantra as well. He is a truthful, dutiful and a righteous deity who offers help to every Jain sadhak in need. His sadhana will also make you righteous and honest which is a very beautiful effect of worshipping him.



  1. Mantra
    ॐ ह्रीं घंटाकर्णोनमोस्तुते ठः ठः ठः स्वाहाTranscription: Om hrim ghantakarna namostute thhah thhah thhah swaha
  2. Mantra for wealthॐ ह्रीं श्रीं क्लीं क्रौं ॐ घंटाकर्ण महावीर
    लक्ष्मी पूरय पूरय सुख सौभाग्यं कुरू कुरू स्वाहाTranscription: Om hrim shrim klim kraum om ghantakarn Mahavir Lakshmi puraya puraya sukh saubhagyam kuru kuru swaha.
  3. Stotraॐ घंटाकर्णो महावीर
    सर्व व्याधि विनाशक ।
    विस्फोटक भयं प्राप्ते
    रक्ष रक्ष महाबल ॥यत्र त्वं तिष्ठसे देव
    लिखितोऽक्षर पंक्तिभि: ।
    रोगास्तत्र प्रणश्यंति
    वात पित्त कफोद्भवाः ।।तत्र राज भयं नास्ति
    यांति कर्णे जपात्क्षयम् ।
    शाकिनी भूत वेताला
    राक्षस प्रभवंति न ।।नकाले मरणं तस्य
    न च सर्पेण डश्यते ।
    अग्नि-चोर भयं नास्ति
    नास्ति तस्य अरि भयं ।।Transcription:

    Om Ghantakarn Mahavir
    Sarva Vyadhi Vinashakah
    Visfotakam bhayam prapte
    Raksh Raksh Mahabal

    Yatra tvam tishthhase dev
    likhitokshar Panktibhih
    Rogastatra pranashyanti
    Vaat Pit kafodbhavah

    Tatra Raj Bhayam Nasti
    Yanti Karne Japatkshayam
    Shakini Bhut Vetala
    Rakshas Prabhavanti na

    Nakale Marnam tasya
    Na cha sarpen Dashyate
    Agni Chor Bhayam Nasti
    Nasti Tasya Ari Bhayam

    Note: This stotra protects you from any negative energy and gives you courage to overcome any problem in life.


Ghantakarn Mahavir can be easily pleased by Sukhdi (a traditional sweet dish) and a red rose. True devotion is what you need for this sadhana.

Important time for Sadhana

Special day- Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday
Special Muhurat- Vijay Muhurat and Ravi Pushya Yog
Special Tithi- Chaudas

Process and Precautions

1. This sadhana should not be done by Ladies. There are some rules and regulations that needs to be followed by ladies in Mahavir Sadhana which should be known by a guru.

2. Kali chaudas (A day before Diwali) is the best day for starting this sadhna.

3. Perform guru Vandana. Chant Navkar Mantra 5 times. Then chant the Ghantakarn Mahavir Stotra 27 times or chant Ghantakarn Mahavir mantra 108 times daily.

4. Do this sadhana under a guru’s guidance.

5. Face towards East or North during Jaap.

6. Abstain from stealing or deceiving someone. Follow the path of righteousness.

7. Abstain from Non- Vegetarian food and substance abuse.

8. Help poor and needy people.

9. Follow Brahmacharya strictly. Married Sadhaks should stay loyal to their partner.

10. Moong and Rice are a good diet food for this sadhana.

11. If you have a Ghantakarn Mahavir Yantra or Photo for worshiping, place it near the entrance of your home in such a way that arrow in the hands of Ghantakarn Mahavir points outwards from your entrance. Doing this gives a protective shield to your family and keeps you away from negativity. If you want to put it in your home temple then the statue or yantra should be placed in such a way that the arrow points in the south direction.

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