Favourite offerings of your deity


God sees your devotion and purity of mind. Indian tradition has culturally expressed this devotion through offerings made to the deities in the rituals. Every God or Goddesses in Indian tradition are offered a designated kind of flowers, leaves, fruits or cuisine which is believed to please that deity. Some people also believe that the matter being offered is closely connected to the energy that a particular deity reverberates. Here we are listing down some Gods and Goddesses along with the offerings that is believed to connect you to their energy in a better way.

  1. Shiva- Water, Milk, Honey, Dhatura, Bel patra. To know the effects of various offerings on Shivling click here.
  2. Vishnu- Yellow flower, Tulsi, Rose, Lotus, Harsingar, Amla.
  3. Rama- Yellow flower, Rose, Lotus, Tulsi, Harsingar, Amla.
  4. Krishna- Yellow flower, Rose, Lotus, Tulsi, Harsingar, Morpankh.
  5. Kali – Garland Lemon, Rose, Hibiscus (Ghudhal), Sunflower, White and blue Aparajita.
  6. Lakshmi – Red rose, Yellow flower, Hibiscus, Blue Aparajita, Lotus, Genda, Sonchampa, Kamal gatta.
  7. Saraswati- White flowers, Yellow flowers, White aparajita, Blue aparajita, White lotus, Blue lotus, Yellow Hibiscus, White Hibiscus, Mogra, Morpankh.
  8. Ganesh- Durva, Modak, Genda, Red Hibiscus.
  9. Durga- Red rose, Red Hibiscus, Yellow flower, Mehendi and shringar.
  10. Hanuman- Garland of Peepal leaves with Ram written on it, White Madar or Aakda, Motichur Laddu, Red Rose, Chameli.
  11. Manibhadra Veer- Red Karen flowers, Red rose, Yellow Rose, Sukhadi.
  12. Ghantakarn Veer- Red rose, Sukhadi.
  13. Batuk Bhairav, Kal Bhairav- Dhatura, White Aakda or Madar, Red rose, Chameli, oil.
  14. Nakoda Bhairav- Red Rose, Red Hibiscus.
  15. Padmavati- Red Rose.
  16. Tirthankar- Marua, Champak, Hibiscus, Mogra, Rose, Lotus.


  1. Offering Coconut is considered auspicious. It can be offered to all the deities.
  2. Don’t use Tulsi in the worship of deities other than Vishnu or incarnations of Vishnu.
  3. Anything offered on Shivling should not be taken back home.
  4. Don’t use flowers that have seeds in them or flowers that can convert into fruit, while worshiping Jain Tirthankars.
  5. Keep the morpankh offered to Saraswati mata in academic books. It will give positivity while studying.


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