A manual for cleansing your crystals

A manual for cleansing your crystals

First thing that a healer or any other spiritual practitioner should do before using crystals is cleansing them. Crystals are known for their vibrational qualities. In spiritual sciences a crystal can be a very efficient tool for your spiritual growth. It would work to your benefit only if you know their right usage. In this regard cleansing crystal is a very important ritual that is indispensable in your practice with crystals.

Why is crystal cleansing important?

Crystals can store energy and vibrations in them. It is very likely that when you buy the crystal from market it is touched by many people. In this journey it came in contact with different kind of energies and vibrations. Not all vibrations are appropriate for our spiritual practice. Thus it is necessary to first clean it and get rid of any negativity. Also, if you are using or wearing a crystal from a long time it accumulates various kinds of vibrations which needs to be discarded for manifesting its real purpose. Cleansing the crystals allows you to have a broader scope of manifesting your spiritual energy through it. Once you cleanse the crystal it can be charged with a pure intention or vibrations. We’ll discuss about the different methods of charging the crystals in our upcoming posts but before that let’s explore different methods of cleansing them.

1. Water

Crystal cleansing with water is the most efficient and convenient method. Placing the crystal under running water or soaking it in water overnight, will discard imbalanced energy from it. It is an established fact that water is a good conductor. Water takes away the vibrations from the crystal when they are put under running water. Alternatively, soaking them in water in a glass bowl and then drying them with cloth or wipes serves the same purpose. One should take care that some crystals like selenite and hematite are water soluble or their mineral content may react with water. In such case one should avoid cleansing crystal with water.

2. Salt water

Salt absorbs negativity and is considered to be the best energy cleanser. Soaking your crystals in salt water overnight and then drying them the next morning with a clean cloth will cleanse your crystal friends. One can use Rock salt, sea salt or pink Himalayan salt for this. As said earlier only hard crystals are perfect for cleansing rituals involving water.

3. Light

Cleansing your crystals with light gives you a benefit of being able to cleanse as well as charge your crystals at the same time. Sunlight and Moonlight are perfect natural light sources that we can rely for cleansing as well as charging our crystals. Put your crystals in moon light during a full moon day and let the nature do the rest of the task. Alternatively, you can put your crystals under sunlight during sunrise or sunset to cleanse them perfectly. Crystals like citrine and amethyst are sensitive to sun’s heat and can fade with time. Thus one should keep them in sunlight when it is considerably bearable for your crystals.

4. Holy Smoke

Burning pure and divine substances like sage, loban or guggal creates purifying smoke. This smoke is fragrant and creates an aura which is welcoming for positive energies. Smudge your crystals under this smoke for 5-10 minutes. One can chant their holy mantras too during this process. This creates a protection shield for your crystals and discards any negativity present there. This allows you to connect with your crystals more profoundly during your spiritual practices. Keep the crystal or stone in front of you and then move the sage or any other substance that your are using in an anticlockwise direction while smudging your stones.

5. Sound

Vibration when gets audible is termed as sound. If the sound is not in rhythm it’s a noise. Thus, to create a harmony in the vibrations of a crystal, one can introduce crystal to a rhythmic enchantment. This will remove any inharmonious vibration and will cleanse it. This can be done by sound healing using ringing bowls or by ringing temple bells. It can also be done by blowing a conch shell in front of your crystal stones or by putting them under windchime for a day (windchime should be producing sound and should not be stable). Putting your crystals while chanting mantra loudly can also heal and cleanse your crystal stones.

6. Large crystals, spheres, wands or pyramids

Putting your smaller stones or crystals on their bigger versions can help to cleanse them. It can be done for few minutes or hours. Transfer of energy from a bigger crystal to a smaller crystal purifies it. Arranging your crystals in a grid or mandala pattern also creates a network for the flow of energy. This flow of energy is helpful in cleansing the crystals. Moving the crystal wands in an anti-clockwise with an intention of cleansing the crystals serves the same purpose.

7. Earthing or Grounding

Crystals are strongly connected with earth element. It is earth which is the source of all the vibrations in crystals. Thus, burying them under soil or a plant or putting them on natural Earth or natural grass for a day creates an original connection of Earth element within the crystal. This vibration like that of its origin gives a safe space to the crystal for detoxifying itself of all the negativity.

Hope you are ready to cleanse your crystals before charging them for your spiritual practice. Let us know how you felt reading this and do explore our website for more insightful articles on various aspects of spirituality.

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