27 quotes on meditation


1. Learn to be calm and you will always be happy.
―Paramahansa Yogananda

2. When meditation is mastered, the mind is unwavering like the flame of a candle in a windless place.
―Bhagavad Gita

3. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.
―Lao Tzu

4. It is better to win over self than to win over million enemies.

5. The monk who is absorbed in meditation achieves victory over attachment and aversion, and the senses. His fear vanishes and his passions are shattered. Finally, he extirpates his indulgences, abhorrence and delusion. ―Mahavira

6. Buddha was asked “What you have gained from meditation?” He replied “Nothing! However let me tell you what I lost: Anger, Anxiety, Depression, Insecurity, fear of old age and death.”

7. Meditation is not evasion; it is a serene encounter with reality. ―Thich Nhat Hanh

8. Suffering is due to our disconnection with the inner soul. Meditation is establishing that connection.
―Amit Ray

9. Awareness is the core mantra of spirituality. That’s where samayik begins.
―Acharya Shivmuni

10. When a person’s consciousness is situated in the soul, then that moment is blissful.
–Acharya Shivmuni

11. Praying is talking to the Universe. Meditation is listening to it.
―Paulo Coelho

12. Don’t seek, don’t search, don’t ask, don’t knock, don’t demand – relax.

13. Buddha spent six years meditating on the essence, causes, and cures for human anguish. In the end, he came to the realization that suffering is not caused by ill fortune, by social injustice, or by divine whims. Rather, suffering is caused by the behavior patterns of one’s minds.
―Yuval Noah Harari (Sapiens)

14. Meditation is all about connecting with your soul.
-Deepak Chopra

15. When you know the knower within, you don’t need to know further. When you know the meditator within, you don’t need to meditate further. When you truly know the worshiper in you, you are to be worshiped.
―Amit Ray

16. To understand the immeasurable, the mind must be extraordinarily quiet, still.
―Jiddu Krishnamurti

17. An awake heart is like a sky that pours light.

18. Meditation is the dissolution of thoughts in Eternal awareness or Pure consciousness without objectification, knowing without thinking, merging finitude in infinity.

19. Everyone in your culture knows this. Man was born to turn the world into paradise, but tragically he was born flawed. And so his paradise has always been spoiled by stupidty, greed, destructiveness, and shortsightedness.
―Daniel Quinn

20. Your duty is to be and not to be this or that. ‘I am that I am’ sums up the whole truth. The method is summed up in the words ‘Be still’. What does stillness mean? It means destroy yourself. Because any form or shape is the cause for trouble. Give up the notion that ‘I am so and so’. All that is required to realize the Self is to be still. What can be easier than that?
―Ramana Maharshi

21. Silence is the language of Om. We need silence to be able to reach our Self. Both internal and external silence is very important to feel the presence of that supreme Love.
―Amit Ray

22. The Way to do is to be.
―Lao Tzu

23. You cannot do meditation but you can become meditative.

24. Meditation is the way to take deep rest and be alert & conscious at the same time!It is the skill to calm the mind and get in touch with your inner joy.
― Sri Sri Ravishankar

25. Yoga is the cessation of the movements of the mind. Then there is abiding in the Seer’s own form.
― Patanjali

26. The act of meditation is being spacious.
― Sogyal Rinpoche

27. Meditation needs no results. Meditation can have itself as an end, I meditate without words and on nothingness. What tangles my life is writing.
― Hélène Cixous

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