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Is feminism being used to nurture male chauvinism?


It’s a grim fact to put forth that feminism as an effort towards equality has taken diverse course of directions and in this phenomenon you can easily spot people in real life as well as on social media portraying themselves as ‘Feminist’, only because it is a trendy thing to do. Many times they simply are unaware of what it really is. In spite of this ideology being a necessity to address some social ills, its other manifestations are making the situation deplorable.

Humans being considered to be social animals are slowly losing that social element of their existence. Moreover ‘development’ as being used in current political campaigns seems to be more appealing characteristic of human existence. It’s true that we humans have developed to a stage which was unimaginable erstwhile but at the same time when it comes to consider the gender roles in this course of development my expressions are full of sighs when I reflect on our history. History has made it evident that everything that has faced exploitation has been attributed to some female characteristics. Patriarchy nurtured itself by exploiting women and so is our development that is exploiting ‘Mother Nature’. Remember? It’s a trendy thing to give female attributes to everything that is to be exploited.

The situation gets aggravated when even things like respect and equality which are meant for all are being confined to gender roles. In a patriarchal society men are turning out to be hypocrites where they respect woman outside their family to display their openness and to upgrade their male chauvinism which portrays them as a good man. But at the same time they confine women in their household. (I’m talking of a considerably civilized environment where women are not being raped which in itself is another irony on this topic.)

Why don’t we men simply let Feminism what it is supposed to be and don’t allow our male instincts to overpower our notions. Astonishingly Feminism is now used to rank the manliness in us.

Uvasaggaharam Stotra

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