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Habits that drain your energy


Taking things personally

When people do not treat you well, we often take things personally. But taking things personally causes ill effects to our mind and counter-productive to our well-being. It drains us emotionally very quickly, makes us constantly re-evaluate our self-esteem. We can stop taking things personally by the following ways: not worrying about what people might think of you, understanding your worth, valuing your time, avoid jumping to conclusions, and allowing things to let go.

Holding onto your past

Many people who go through rough experiences in the past which overwhelm them every now and then. It is deeply embedded in their memory, but it disturbs their peace of mind and wrecks their progress in life. In order to have inner peace and freedom try out the following: commit yourself to the future by not being a prisoner of the past, avoid masking the pain as it a short-term solution, accept the mistakes done in the past and make peace with it, and finally forgive yourself as well as others for committing to a sub-par job.

Always checking Social Media

In today’s time where internet is ruling the world, our attention span has become shorter than ever. 3.5 billion people around the world use social media which equated to 45% of the earth’s population (Emarsys, 2019). An average of 3 hours/day per person is being spent on social media (Global webindex2018). Social media is one of the major acumens behind reducing our focus and is consistently causing severe loss of productivity. Hence, try turning off your phone notifications which disturb your normal routine and daily tasks, set a timer to help yourself limit the exposure to social media, check-in with family members by meeting them or taking them on calls rather than keeping up-to date knowledge of their social media posts and finally delete the applications that you don’t use which ultimately results in unnecessary phone usage.

Over-stressing on issues

Many a times we pressurize ourselves, by putting ourselves in situations which are more delusional than real. Hence, coping with the pressure becomes an even greater task resulting in stress. We accumulate stress by laying excessive emphasis on issues which more often than not aren’t even relevant to us leading to symptoms like accelerated heartbeat, headaches and sweaty palms. Stress management skills hence have become increasingly relevant today. So, try having a positive attitude, practice relaxation techniques like yoga or tai-chi, eat healthy and balances meals and more importantly get enough rest and sleep well.

Sleeping in late

Sleeping early and getting quality rest are affairs much talked about today by health experts for getting maximum productivity out of us and prolonging our lives. There are several key benefits that we need to keep in mind with respect to sleeping early; first and foremost, it reduces the risk of chronic health conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart related illness; second, it improves our learning and memory (, 2018); finally, good sleep helps in limiting the extra body weight from piling on*(Advances Science Magazine, 2018).

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