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Bodhidharma (Da mo) was an Indian monk who lived during the 5th and 6th century. He is also known as inventor of martial arts and kung fu .
Throughout Buddhist art, Bodhidharma is depicted as an ill tempered, profusely bearded, wide eyed non – Chinese person. He is referred as the BLUE-EYED  barbarian in chan text.

His roots : Bodhidharma was the third child of the Pallava King Sugandan from Kanchipuram (Tamil nadu), who was born in a royal family but soon discarded his luxurious life to embrace the teachings of Buddhism. As a travelling master, he journeyed to China where he joined powerful disciples and founded Dhyana Buddhism, better known in China as “Chan”, and later in Japan as “Zen”.

To find a Buddha all you have to do
is see your nature.
            –  Da Mo

The accounts of Bodhidharma’s life are largely legendary, and historical whose sources are practically nonexistent. His teaching were practical but he taught through silence without owing a word.
This made to recollect one of the famous story taken place in the city of Nanjing. There was a famous place called the flower rain pavilion where many people meet to talk and relax. There was a large crowd assembled in pavilion and one monk named Shen Guang was addressing the gathering (He was the famous general at a time who fought and won many battles but one day he got conscious of the violence and destruction that he caused and had decided to become a preacher of Buddhism) when Da mo arrived in near the crowd to join his speech his activities were obscure. When Shen Guang noticed after his statement he nodded and showed his agreement and sometimes he shook his head and showed his disagreement, this made Shen Guang angry. He went out of tune and snatched the Buddhist beads from around his neck and fickled them all at Da mo. It struck on his face in such a way that his front teeth knocked and began bleeding. Da mo smiled and left his place, and soon Shen Guang realized that he could learn a great lesson. He started following Da mo. Wherever Da  mo went he was sure to follow him. After for many years,  he became more desperate to learn from him.

After completing meditation Da mo stood to teach him but with silence , they went to the mountain top named as drum. It was called so because it’s top portion was flat. Da mo dug a well where the water was bitter. He left Shen Guang on mountain and  came down. Shen guang lived there and use that water for a year and came down and said him to teach. Da Mo returned with Shen Guang to the Drum Mountain and dug a second well. The water of this well was spicy. For an entire year, Shen Guang used the spicy water for all of his needs. At the end of the second year, Shen Guang went back down to Da Mo and asked again to be taught. Da Mo dug a third well on the Drum Mountain. The water of this third well was sour. For the third year, Shen Guang used the sour water for all of his needs. At the end of the third year, Shen Guang returned to Da Mo and again asked to be taught. Da Mo returned to the Drum Mountain and dug a fourth and final well. The water of this well was sweet. At this point, Shen Guang realized that the four wells represented his life. Like the wells, his life would sometimes be bitter, sometimes sour, sometimes spicy and sometimes sweet. Each of these phases in his life was equally beautiful and necessary, just as each of the four seasons of the year is beautiful and necessary in its own way. Without really saying many words to Shen Guang, Da Mo had taught Shen Guang the most important of lessons in a mind-to-mind, heart-to-heart fashion.

He had a great knowledge about Forest’s trees, trees roots and he had a great skill of psychic powers (like how to twin the mind by high frequency or to read someone’s mind or to control someone’s mind) .

Now the question is how this is really possible to have psychic powers?
Yes it’s possible (according to many theories) but are people nowadays willing to work upon it that’s the question ?
By our education system we all had glorified our thoughts at such a place that First we need to bring it down and that itself takes time because we all think that we are doing great we are SMART. It doesn’t matter if we have knowledge of all the libraries of the world, it’s always less than the creation.

While meditating once the physical becomes non – physical and once it’s non – physical there is no issue of time and space and once it happens then communication with the divine is simply there.

Lock yourself in a room. Observe the high frequency of your body. The more frequency that you resonate with more matter you would observe. Every organ has its frequency , every cell has its frequency . There is nothing static.
This little world vibrates. Getting aligned with this universal vibration and realizing the inner self is what Da mo emphasised on and that is what we need to work upon for our spiritual growth.

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: why does a man cheats ?
:are you a survival?
and has worked on workshops conducted in military wings . She is pursuing BA hons. in English and mass communication as GE subject. She aims to promote humanity and to serve the Nation . 

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