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Mystery of Bhangarh Fort

Mystery of Bhangarh Fort
Emotion like LOVE, HATE, JEALOUSY and INSECURITY are so powerful that they never let the person rest in peace. Surely, dies their body, but their soul never dies.
Located in in Alwar, Rajasthan – Bhangarh is notoriously famous all over the country, continent and world for being extremely beautiful marvellous and also cursed. There have been various instances in the past which have given the tag of haunted place to this 16th century fort.

Every haunted place has a back story and so does Bhangarh.

It is said that the princess of Bhangarh Ratnavati was the most beautiful woman in entire city and also nearby towns. She was full of beauty, devotion and purity. No one could compete with the unmatched and unfazed beauty.
There in the city premises lived an evil magician, Singhia, who was head over heels in love with the princess. One day he reached the Palace to meet the princess and told her how much he loved her and also wanted to marry her. He was insulted and thrown out of the palace by the royal guards. This hurt his dignity, pride and ego. He decided to get the princess by hook or by crook.
Once he saw the princess with maids buying scented perfume. That moment he used all his powers and built the bottle of perfume with dark energy that whenever she will apply the perfume, she will fall in love with the sorcerer.
The princess got to know about this and she was well versed in magic herself. Applying all her knowledge and power she turned the bottle of perfume into a big Boulder which crushed the tantrik, resulting in his death.
While dying he cursed the palace of destruction and devastation. The curse is still believed to be acting there and what happens in the palace  after sunset remains a mystery.
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