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First Jain Monk to complete Ph-D


Indian Culture has been a culture of saints and sages. A culture that has always been working towards spiritual advancement and consistent seeking of divinity. The current Acharya of Shraman Sangh Dr. Shivmuniji is a living embodiment of these principles.

Born in a wealthy Jain Family in Punjab, he was erstwhile known as Shiv Kumar. He spent his teenage listening pravachans and was always curious to know the nature of self and the experience of liberation.
He did his post graduation in English and Philosophy. During his college education he got an opportunity to go to an International study tour. With a comparative exposure to different cultures his faith on Jainism deepened.
His family like any other family wanted him to get educated and settled, but his contemplative nature and philosophical thirst inspired him to get initiated into monkhood by Gyanmuniji. In 1972, at the age of 30 he accepted the life of a Jain monk.
Monkhood did not hinder his academic excellence. He became the first Jain monk to complete doctorate.
During his Ph-D he wrote a thesis titled- ‘The Doctrine of liberation in Indian culture’. This became a foundation stone of his philosophical endeavour. He came to a conclusion that meditation is accepted as a common medium of divine experience in all the religions. Thus he travelled whole over the country and explored different meditation techniques. During his sadhna of two months in nashik he got the Dhyan sutra of Lord Mahavira. Dr. Shivmuniji accumulated all his experience and came closer to the answer of the question- ‘Who am I?’ He named his meditation technique as Atma Dhyan. Lakhs of people have got associated with him through dhyan shivirs and have experienced this phenomenal technique. Many many thousands of people followed peace, inner development and spirituality by attending Atma Dhyan shivir and Advance meditation shivir.
Working for various human causes he has been a proponent of meditation and has helped many to work towards a happy life. He has established some welfare institutions like Bhagwan Mahavir Meditation and Research centre, Saraswati Vidya Kendra, Shivacharya Meditation foundation and All India Jain Shravak Samiti. He is a recipient of some prestigious awards. Surya Datta Award (2019), Sainmiya Meera Award (2006), Mahatma Gandhi Peace Award (2007) Rashtra Gaurav (2018) and APJ Abdul Kalam World Peace award are some of them. Recently by converging the date of samvatsari he has put a benchmark in the union of various sects of Jainism.
Apart from living an ascetic life he has worked for various noble causes in the field of education, spirituality and philanthropy. We may not be able to decipher his spiritual attainment but certainly his deeds and his guidance is illuminating the path of permanence for the man kind.

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