How can feeding a cow please your planets?


Feeding your first chapati to a cow and feeding your last chapati to a dog is considered a daily ritual in many traditional Indian households. Feeding animals can benefit you immensely in spiritual sense and is considered a best remedy in astrology in order to improve your planetary influence. Let’s focus on cow in this article and understand how serving or feeding Gaumata can reduce or remove the negative impacts of planets on your horoscope.

  1. Sun (Surya)

    Feeding a chapati along with some jaggery to a cow on Sunday can improve the energy of Sun in your horoscope. Sun being the brightest celestial body on your horoscope can lead you to fame and good social status. Astrology considers Sun as the source of life force which has a scientific base too.

  2. Moon (Chandra)

    Feeding jaggery and chapati to a bull on Monday pleases Lord Shiva which ultimately enables you to get benefited from the energy of the moon. Astrology believes Moon to be the ruling planet of medicinal plants. Having a positive moon makes your mind stable and improves your health and immunity.

  3. Jupiter (Guru)

    Jupiter is largest of all planets. Many astrologers believe that having a good Jupiter in your horoscope balances the negative impact of any other planet. To get benefited from the energy of Jupiter one should feed Besan (Gram flour) or Banana to a cow on Thursday. This can remove obstacles in your promotion and will lead you to a respectable status.

  4. Saturn (Shani)

    Feeding a black cow daily or feeding cows on every Saturday is the best way to reduce the negative impact of Saturn. It resolves legal problems and gives a steady source of income. Astrology considers the impact of Saturn to be very influential because of its nature of abiding by the law.

  5. Mars (Mangal)

    Providing shelter and drinking water to a cow is a perfect remedy to improve your mars. Alternatively taking care of a calf is also a best option. Doing so attracts wealth in your life and can resolve your legal and bank loan issues.

  6. Mercury (Budh)

    Mercury is the closest planet to the sun and is also the fastest planet. Feeding green grass to cow on Wednesday pleases mercury(budh) which increases your chances of foreign journey and removes obstacles in your ongoing work.

  1. Venus (Shukra)

    Venus is the planet of luxury and relationship. Person facing obstacles in marriage and unable to have steady income should feed a white cow or white bull on Friday.

  2. Rahu

    Rahu is considered as a shadow planet in astrology. It is believed that Rahu resides in the neck portion of the cow. Pampering the neck of the cow can improve your Rahu and also bathing and cleaning the cow is considered very effective to reduce the negative impact of Rahu.

  3. Ketu

    Ketu is another shadow planet in Astrology. A positive Ketu in your horoscope will make you fearless and will help you to get over your addictions. Ketu’s negative impact can be reduced by feeding a brown cow.Cow can also be a powerful remedy for Vastu defects at your home. To know more click here.

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