Pushya Nakshatra Tapa


Bhagwan Suvidhinathji, the ninth Tirthankar of Jainism is also known by the name of Pushpadant. He lived thousands of years ago and Jain sadhaks believe that his name got associated with this tapa during his time. Consistency is an essential element of this tapa. It does not give any negative effects if you stop it in between but to get the best results from it doing it regularly with faith is very essential. Anyone can do this tapa but according to astrology this tapa is very beneficial for people of some specific Zodiac signs as per the Vedic Calendar- Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces.


  1. One should chant 27×108 times any one of the following mantras.
    a.Navkar Mantra .
    b.Om Hrim Shrim Vardhamanay Vridhim Kuru Kuru Namah.
    c.Om Hrim Shrim Pushpadant Nathay Namah.
    d.Om Pupfadantam Jinam.
    e.Om Vaddhamanam Jinam.
  2. Whichever Mantra that you choose to chant, chant it once then perform Guru Vandana 3, 9 or 27 times.
  3. Reading, listening or chanting Loggas, Namothunam and Puchhisunam on this day is also considered an important ritual.
  4. One should do Ayambil on this day. Ayambil is a vrat or tapa in which one can eat only once in a day and that too without green vegetables, Oil, Ghee, Milk and spices. One should preferably eat white coloured food.
  5. Sadhak should observe Celibacy on the day of Ayambil.
  6. Sadhak can start this tapa on Ravipushya Yog or Gurupushya Yog and should do this for consecutive 27 Pushya Nakshatras. Ravipushya is considered to bring fame and power whereas Gurupushya leads you to Siddhi and wisdom.
  7. Pushya Nakshatra Tapa Katha is interesting and filled with important life lessons. One should read it before starting the tapa to fill one’s mind with positive affirmations. Some sadhaks read the Katha on every Pushya Nakshatra along with their Mantra Sadhna.
  8. This Tapa gets complete approximately after 2 years. On the last day of this Tapa, sadhak should distribute 27 holybooks, 27 rosaries and 27 pens wishing spiritual growth for others.

May your tapa leads you to liberation.

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