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Magic mystery and connection of numbers


Numbers are truly an emotion. All of us have a special connection with at-least one of the number. We don’t select a favourite alphabet or a lucky alphabet but we all have a lucky number which we assume that supports us the best. This affection and connection with numbers can be seen all around like jersey number of MS Dhoni is number 7 and he truly believes that 7 works for him, then our car number, shop number, flat number , mobile number and most importantly our birth number.

Numerology is not about predictions of life events on the basis of your birth date but essentially it is about the magic, mystery and connection of numbers in our life. It is a guiding science which studies the significance of numbers and how it affects our life.

Understand this with a simple example of micro organisms – how the surroundings around an organism shapes its behaviour. We have a different kind of creatures and beings for different places which is according to the temperature and other factors of that area. Planets revolving up there, for them we are micro organisms and their movement influence our behaviour.

In numerology we connect every number with planets and that understanding helps us to know the influences of our life. There is so much to study that I cannot point down everything at once but before you start getting curious for the subject I will tell you only one thing- half knowledge can turn out dangerous, if this interests you don’t settle for anything less understand it in depth. Unlock the mystery, form the connection and numbers will do the magic.

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Vidhi Maheshwari is a Counselling Psychologist. Also guiding and educating people’s mind with the Magic of Numbers and Vastu Science.

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