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Vogue Monk is a news and blog website on various aspects of spirituality. Writers and bloggers are welcome to contribute to this online community of spiritual enthusiasts. It is functional with an intention of bridging spirituality and modernity. Interestingly we hardly associate words like youth, fashion, modernization and urbanization with spirituality; which would be a very narrow approach towards spirituality. It is a universal necessity with different paths and thus this website intends to create an appealing space for digital bloggers inclined spiritually. Considering a model of citizen journalism we intend to publicize spiritual knowledge which often remains confined to a personal domain.

Vogue Monk is a brain-child of Prashant Chourdia and Konic Doshi who have been exploring this dimension of existential practice. This website purely intends to be an asset for someone’s spiritual growth and create a like-minded environment of overall growth and support. People are welcome to share their spiritual knowledge and experience which will broaden our understanding for the same.    

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